Listen to numbernine.

numbernine - a one-off product of Oxford's musical crucible, a spirit fused through the long, hot summer of 2003.

numbernineMelodic, reflective, at times anthemic - numbernine sidesteps norms or uniforms of style, forging songs that strike out and surprise.

Stripped bare rhythms meet with jarring sounds, soaring harmonies meet with cathartic barrages of rock n roll. The Who meets with Bowie, on a Friday, down the Cowley Road.

numbernine shines a torchlight through the cold shell of modern living to the hope that glows on beneath. Songs for the soul - universal and unique.

Gig History

Gig Date
The Ex, Oxford Apr022007
Escape Club, Oxford Feb282007
The Wheatsheaf, Oxford Feb272007
Exeter Hall, Oxford Jan192007
The Wheatsheaf, Oxford Nov032006
o'Neils, Birmingham Jul252006
The Spice of Life, Covent Garden Jul142006
The Cellar, Oxford Jun222006
Hope and Anchor, Islington May262006
The Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon May122006
Hard Rock Cafe, London May042006
Exeter Hall, Oxford Apr292006
City Tavern, Oxford Mar152006
Carling Academy, Islington Mar142006
Barfly, Camden Feb052006
Exeter Hall, Oxford Dec042005
The Hobbit, Southampton Nov182005
Exeter Hall, Oxford Oct082005
Christchurch College, Oxford Oct062005
Purple Turtle, Oxford Sep252005
Dublin Castle, Camden Sep232005
Wheatsheaf, Oxford Aug312005
Water Rats, Kings X Aug222005
Red Lion, Witney Aug182005
Spitz, Liverpool St Jun142005
Klub Kakofanney, Oxford Jun032005
Hobbit, Southampton Apr302005
Zodiac, Oxford Apr292005
Halfmoon, Putney Feb172005
Garage, Islington Feb062005
Dublin Castle, Camden Jan152005
Bull and Gate, Kentish Town Dec192004
Kennington, Oxford Oct302004
Hope and Anchor, Islington Oct162004
Zodiac, Oxford Sep032004
Porter, Bath Aug312004
Pleasure Unit, Bethnal Green Aug172004
Water Rats, Kings X Jul212004
Red Lion, Witney Jul072004
Hobbit, Southampton Jun192004
Porter, Bath Jun172004
Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon May132004
Christchurch College, Oxford May082004
Red Lion, Drayton Apr242004
Exeter Hall, Oxford Apr242004
Red Lion, Witney Mar312004
Arts Cafe, Aldgate Feb282004
Red Lion, Witney Feb252004
Red Lion, Witney Jan212004
The Railway, Wheatley Jan172004
Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street Dec172003
Kennington Festival, Oxford Oct252003