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The Young Knives They've (sort of) run away from Oxford now to be proper pops stars, but regardless of that fact, and that everyone else keeps harping on about how great they are, we still need to find space to give them a bit of a big up. Given that they're probably one of the most inventive pop bands we've had in a long time, you really should make an effort to go and watch them soon - if you leave it much longer, you'll be paying stadium ticket prices and drinking cans of Red Stripe which cost £4 each. Check out the site, listen to some tunes, browse the photos - it's easy, see?
King Furnace Some more friends of our who deserve a mention - there are a few bits of interest on the site, but the page you want to be looking at is the one which lists forthcoming gigs. Forget about reading the reviews and nip out to watch them, you'll either be scared or you'll have a daft grin on your face for the duration of the evening.
The Mighty Roars Friends of ours that we met at the Betsey Trotwood one dark and stormy night. We've played a couple of gigs with them since and they seem to be fond of wearing a different disguise each time you see them. Check out the site this week and see whether Lara is wearing a dinner ladie's outfit or her birthday suit, whether David's still got his moustache, and whether Martin has still got his black eye (they really should stop hitting him, poor boy). They'll either be famous or commited within the year, but either way, they're worth checking out if you get chance.